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More than 99% of peer-reviewed climate studies agree that climate change exists and is primarily caused by humans. However, not even such a high percentage of scientific consensus has prevented the existence of numerous and varied anti-climatic denialist narratives, which are also already part of the political discourse at the international level.

Precisely because there is a possibility that denialism will gain followers, Verificat, Kinzen, and C3, Centre for Climate Change launch “Lies intoxicate the planet”, a project in which we will monitor more than 10,000 hours of podcasts from six Spanish-speaking countries —Spain, the United States, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Peru—, in search of climate misinformation. Our scientific fact-checking team will analyze these messages, and we will deny them together with the experts from the Climate Change Center of the Rovira i Virgili University (URV), in Tarragona.

At Verificat we want this to be a secure information space, which we create with the best experts, climatologists and researchers. Also that it be a space open to citizen participation, so that, in addition to monitoring the podcast conversations, we will analyze any message we receive through our social networks and our WhatsApp service related to climate change or its consequences.

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