What is known about the majority of the vaccinated dead in Scotland

Scotland has fully vaccinated 65.5% of the population, so it is to be expected that more and more of the deceased will be vaccinated


An article asserts that deaths from covid-19 “are increasing” in the United Kingdom, and that “the vast majority of the people who allegedly died from covid-19 had been vaccinated”. This is DECEITFUL. Although the official data show that the majority of deaths recorded are of vaccinated people, this has nothing to do with an alleged ineffectiveness of the vaccine, but because Scotland has fully vaccinated 65.5% of the population, so it is to be expected that more and more of the deceased will be vaccinated (because there will be hardly any people who are not). This is because the efficacy of the vaccine against the most severe forms of the disease and death is never 100%. This is not the first time that Verificat discredits the publications of this website.

"The alleged deaths from Covid-19 are increasing again in the United Kingdom, with England and Scotland experiencing significant increases since the end of June, and we can exclusively reveal that the vast majority of people who reportedly died from Covid-19 had been vaccinated"

To prove that the majority of deaths from covid-19 are vaccinated, the author of the article highlights a series of numbers that appear previously published by the Scottish Public Health Services (table 17), which shows that since the week of 8-15 July, there has been an increase of 5 unvaccinated deaths (from 2,962 to 2,967), 5 deaths in single-dose vaccination (from 257 to 262) and 28 deaths in full-spectrum vaccination (from 64 to 92). 

According to the authors of the study, these numbers indicate that "people who have been vaccinated against covid-19 account for 84% of deaths in the third wave of deaths in Scotland […], while the unvaccinated account for only 13% of deaths," they state in the article. 

In itself, these data are correct, but the conclusions drawn in the article (vaccines do not work because there are already more cases of deaths among the vaccinated than among the unvaccinated) are not. As Adelaida Sarukhan, an immunologist and scientific writer at the Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal in Catalan) in Barcelona, points out to Verificat, the text refers to percentages (of a very specific week, moreover), when what should be looked at, she insists, is the absolute values: "The number of deaths in unvaccinated people (several thousand deaths) versus the number of deaths in fully vaccinated people (less than 100)". She adds: "The title of the article is totally misleading.

In other words, what Sarukhan means is that yes, there is a higher percentage of vaccinated among the deceased numbers, but the number of deaths has dropped to a minimum, as indicated in the latest report, published on 25 August 2021: "From 29 December 2020 to 18 August 2021, 236 people tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 […] and subsequently died with COVID-19 recorded as primary or contributing cause of death. This equates to 0.007% of those who have received two doses of COVID-19 vaccines, and is a significantly lower COVID-19 death rate than the pre-vaccination pandemic period." Recall that prior to vaccination, according to John Hopkins University data, the death rate could range from 0.1% to 10%, depending on the country case.

Vaccines are not foolproof, but they do work

Vials reduce the likelihood of hospital admission and death from covid-19, but they are not foolproof. This datum has been known since the first results on the effectiveness of injections in the population were published. This means that vaccines do not prevent 100% of deaths from infection (none in the world do), but they do drastically reduce the likelihood of it occurring. In fact, according to official UK data, the vaccination campaign as of 12 August 2021 would have directly and indirectly prevented up to 23.8 million infections and between 81,300 and 87,800 deaths from covid-19 in England.

This is important to comprehend why the percentage of vaccinated deaths is increasing: "You have to take into account the probability of death in vaccinated people, which increases relative to the total population as the vaccination campaign advances in the country," Sarukhan reasons. "By simple probability, the more vaccinated people there are in a population, the more infections and deaths are expected to occur in the vaccinated group compared to the unvaccinated," she concludes.

In a country like the UK, which has achieved one of the highest percentages of fully vaccinated people in the world to date, we are finding that the percentage of unvaccinated people is getting smaller and smaller. That means that, inevitably, the number of vaccine deaths will be higher: not because the vaccine is ineffective, but because the vast majority of the population is immunised.