There are no machines in Japan that distribute CDS through air conditioners

They are air conditioning systems that use this compound to purify the air


You have sent us a tweet which criticises the fact that while here we are still debating the usefulness of CDS, "in Japan there are already vending machines" that "inject chlorine dioxide through air conditioners". This is FALSE. There are no vending machines in Japan that inject chlorine dioxide, but air conditioning systems that use this compound to purify the air.

"While we are here talking about whether or not the CDS is useful, in Japan there are already vending machines. And here is the website of the company that supplies these machines and of higher order to inject #ChlorineDioxide through air conditioners".

Chlorine dioxide is a gas commonly known as CDS, although it is also obtained by mixing sodium chlorite, distilled water —the mixture is known as MMS—- and an acid. This is a highly oxidising substance that is used as a bleaching agent in paper factories and in water treatment plants.

It has also been studied for its possible application as an air purifier, something that, in addition to being useful in hospitals and areas requiring special sterilisation, could be especially useful in a pandemic context such as the current one. Due to this, cleaning machines are becoming popular in places such as gyms, airports, stations and other high-traffic areas, such as the one shown in the vídeo you have sent us of the Japanese machine.

While they are not perfect (these machines cannot sterilise an entire space), they have been successful in reducing the amount of pathogens and bacteria in the air. In any case, the World Health Organisation (WHO) emphasises that healthy exposure limits to this gas should be kept between 0.1 ppm and 0.3 ppm, and that it is not eatable.

Disinfects water and surfaces, not the body 

That chlorine dioxide has shown good results in disinfecting surfaces or water is one thing, and that it is an effective treatment against coronavirus in humans is another. It is like saying that bleach, because it is good at disinfecting soils, will also clean our body from the inside.

Therefore, the debate about CDS efficacy in the treatment of infections is more than over and there is an international scientific consensus that CDS is not recommended as a compound to treat covid-19. In other words, the disinfectant applications of chlorine dioxide for surfaces, rooms and water are known, but no scientific body recommends or promotes the intake of chlorine dioxide, neither against covid-19, nor against any other disease or infection.