The vaccination passport is a voluntary certificate and will not include bank data

Vaccine passports are a way of facilitating mobility between countries and access to certain services


An article in the Catholic Church Militant assures that the vaccination passports are in fact a “totalitarian control mechanism”, which will be used to allow citizens to carry out mobile banking transactions, and that only those with this unique ID will be allowed to make monetary transactions, and that anyone who does not have it will be expelled from the system. This is FALSE information. Vaccine passports are not a totalitarian control mechanism, rather, it is a way of facilitating mobility between countries and access to certain services.

"Vaccine passports provide the perfect tool for totalitarian control and will be used for banking through a smartphone; spending would be permitted only through this unique ID on the common platform, so you could live a bare life outside the system, or you could enjoy yourself in society"

The article is based on an interview with Mike Yeadon, former employee of Pfizer, who has already been discredited for his inaccuracies about the vaccine against covid-19. It is true that several countries, organisations, companies and airlines are working to develop their own vaccination control platforms, but in no case they are considering introducing banking data.

In the European Union, for example, the Green Digital Certificate is being designed to “facilitate safe free movement within the European Union (EU) during the Covid-19 pandemic”. This is posed as a voluntary certificate. These assertions go in the same lines as those made by Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, who assured in a press conference that the US government is not considering that citizens will need to carry a certificate to prove they are vaccinated and that this is an initiative of the private sector limited to promotional events by concrete enterprises.

At the same event, Psaki denied that the vaccine certificate would be used as a control method: “There will not be a federal vaccine database or a federal mandate requiring everyone to get a single vaccination credential”.

Vaccination certificates before the pandemic

The fact is that even before the pandemic, it has been common practice to require or recommend vaccination certificates against certain diseases as a requirement to enter certain countries. Another issue is the debate on the ethical implications of imposing a certification document at a time when the access to the vaccines remain limited: “While a a vaccination passport could be part of the solution, not only to reactivate travels, but also to reopen certain sectors of culture or allow for face-to-face return to work, it must be flexible enough as to ensure maximum equity within and between countries, as well as guaranteeing the protection of personal data at all times, “Denise Naniche, scientific director at ISGlobal, talls Verificat.

Passports will be used "to coerce the other people who haven't had vaccination to come on to the [totalitarian control] platform"

During the interview, Yeadon also assured that the certificates are going to force people vaccinating: this is FALSE. Some of these certificates, as the one the UE is designing, are not only conceived for the people who received the injection, but also for those who have been recently submitted to a PCR test and for those who have overcome the infection. That is, that it will not be necessary to have received the vaccine to obtain such identification and, thus, it will not be an exclusive document for vaccinated citizens. In most of the countries, the vaccination, although being recommended, is voluntary.