There is no official group of British doctors calling for a halt to the vaccination campaign

You have sent us a video claiming, in what seems to be a programme of the American channel OAN, that an association of alleged British doctors has concluded that “covid-19 vaccines are not safe for their use in humans” and that therefore "the use of covid vaccines in humans" should cease. The reason, they add, is a series of alleged reports, such as "haemorrhages, loss of eyesight, etc.". This is FALSE. Regulatory agencies have repeatedly stated that the vaccines are safe, and there have been no reported cases to date of loss of eyesight and/or other adverse events that they mention in relation to the vaccine.

"A new report of British doctors calls for the total halt to the use of covid vaccines in humans. According to the UK's 'Evidence Based Medicine Advisory Group', who presented their findings to the UK Department of Health, there is "more than sufficient evidence to declare covid-19 vaccines unsafe for use in humans".

To start with, the report by British doctors cited in this video is not official, nor is it signed by a group of doctors. In reality, it is a letter written by Theresa Lawrie, who says to be the director of the so-called Evidence-Based Medicine Consultant, an organisation subsequently echoed by the OAN programme. 

This person states on her LinkedIn that her area of expertise is gynaecology and obstetrics, and indeed she has been involved in some studies related to this specialisation. However, in recent months both she and the organisation she chairs have collaborated in trials supporting the use of ivermectin as an effective treatment for covid-19, a compound repeatedly discouraged by diverse drug regulatory bodies for this purpose, as we have explained.

Yellow Card

Concerning to that alleged “evidence” which converts vaccines in “non safe”, it is said in the video that the doctors observed a large number of reports of side effects of the vaccine, including bleeding and clotting, unexpected immune system reactions, unusual pain reactions, neurological responses, loss of sight, hearing, speech or smell, or adverse reactions affecting pregnancy, including abortion". 

The issue is that these reports were taken from Yellow Card, a surveillance system similar to the American VAERS or the European FEDRA, designed to help health authorities monitor medicines, including covid-19 vaccines. The data they produce contain unverified information and do not in themselves indicate that vaccines cause such events. They do serve to initiate a more detailed investigation of each potential adverse effect, as was the case with the thrombosis cases, but no link has been found to date between the vaccines and the above-mentioned events. 

The approved vaccines have gone through all phases of clinical trials before being administered and the validation processes of the injections have to be made public by the authorities in each country. They are currently proving to be highly effective in reducing both the number of hospitalisations due to covid-19 and deaths, as data in Spain prove.

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