The Spike protein can not be transmitted through the air by vaccinated people

A website self-defined as Catholic has echoed the results of a report published by an organisation known as America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS), in which it is claimed that that vaccines against covid-19 “produce many billions of Spike protein in their receptors”, what makes “this vaccinated individuals can transmit this particles to close contacts, causing diseases to them”. This is FALSE: nor the vaccines against covid-19 neither any of its components can be transmitted by direct contact.

"Since these experimental vaccines produce many billions of Spike protein in their receptors, these vaccinated individuals can transmit some of these particles to close contacts, causing diseases to them"

The hoax that vaccines make the S or Spike protein to transmit airborne and through direct contact is quite recent. The first registers seem to date from the beginning of May 2021, when a post at Facebook linked a text supposedly published by the John Hopkins University, in which it is affirmed that the S proteins that vaccines against covid-19 produce “can be transmitted”. Facebook itselfs insists that this publication has false content. It has also been denied by Reuters.

Now, this statement has been brought to the fore again in the guide published by AFLDS. But science discards in an overwhelming manner that the S protein, or any other protein, is capable of airborne or any other form of transmission, and even less to cause disease to close contacts. “Vaccine-related proteins are not infectious, and can not be passed from person to person”, Adelaida Sarukhan, an immunologist and science writer at the Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal, in Catalan) in Barcelona, told Verificat. “To have transmission from one vaccinated person to another, the vaccine would need to be a whole, live virus and be able to replicate within the host. None of the vaccines for COVID-19 have these characteristics: most of them inoculate the S protein of the virus or induce its production, which itself alone can not infect or replicate, she concludes.

The vaccine doesn't avoid covid-19 transmission

Another thing would be to transmit the disease itself after receiving the injection, something that is possible: it is known that the vaccine avoids developing the more severe cases of covid-19, but not the infection and, thus, transmission. This is the reason why competent health authorities continue recommending social distance, use masks, and avoid, to the extent possible, crowded spaces.

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