No, vaccines do not use control nanotechnology and are not able to alter your genetic material

A thread is circulating on WhatsApp these weeks about the alleged use of nanotechnology in Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and that are “experimental with your messenger RNA”. Moreover, it is claimed that such vaccines “rewrite, disrupt and alter your genetic material, something considered until now as a criminal act?”. This is FALSE: vaccines do not contain “nanotechnology, a gene or an actionable enzyme”, nor do they alter the genetic material of our cells.

"Do you know that vaccines - from Pfizer or Moderna- against the supposed covid-19 are experimental with your messenger RNA with incorporated nanotechnology, with a gene or “actionable” enzyme accordingly to the dark interests and that such vaccines “rewrite”, disrupt and alter your genetic material, something considered until now as a criminal act?"

To start with, the ingredients vaccines use are published and anybody can have access to the lists. In none of the approved it is specified that “actionable nanotechnology” is being used, nor in the ingredients neither in the technology in which they are based, which functioning was already explained. What mRNA vaccines indeed incorporate, as Pfizer’s or Moderna’s, is an artificially synthesised lipid capsule, which serves to carry the genetic material in the cells in an effective way. Once they arrive inside the cell, these fatty nanoparticles get fused with the cell membrane releasing their content, as Lluís Montoliu, biotechnologist from the National Spanish Research Center (CSIC, in Spanish) explains in his blog. This system is considered as nanotechnology, simply defined as the science of manipulating matter at an atomic scale, but it is not “actionable” at all.

mRNA vaccines do not modify the genome

The message also affirms that these injections “rewrite, disrupt and alter your genetic material”, statement that we have already denied.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ensure by themselves that both the mRNA vaccines and the viral vector ones "carry instructions (genetic material) to our cells and start building the protection against the virus causing covid-19”. However, "the material never enters into the nucleus of the cell, where our DNA is stored”. The organism indicates, thus, that “the genetic material in vaccines can not at all affect or interact with our DNA”.

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