On 14 May, China approved the inactivated virus vaccine developed by Minhai Biotechnology Co, a biotechnology company based in Pekin. This type of vaccine uses a dead version of the virus that causes the disease, unable to infect but capable of generating an immune response.

On 8 April, the results of two phase I and II clinical trials were presented, concluding that the formulation is "well tolerated and elicits a robust both anticoagulant and cellular response in adults between the ages of 18 and 59". With these results, green light was given to begin phase III clinical trials, where up to 28,000 volunteers were recruited. Neither the company nor the Chinese government has reported on the end of this first stage or shared any results, but nevertheless, vaccination with Minhai's formula began on June the 1st.

The vaccine is given in two separate doses at an interval of 28 days. There is no information on the temperature at which it is administered.

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