Everything you need to know about the 13 approved vaccines around the world

CATEGORY Salut, Covid-19, Vacunes
DATE: April 12 2021


Since the US authorised Pfizer’s vaccine in December 2020, 12 other formulations have been licensed worldwide to immunise the world’s population against SARS-CoV-2. In this box, you will find the most outstanding details of each of them: from the countries producing them, to the trial phases, to their efficacy or most important side effects. 

RESOURCES: Comparative table (JPG) https://www.verificat.cat/themes/user/site/default/asset/img/blog/01-Comparaci%C3%B3-Vacunes-EN-JPG.jpg
RESOURCES: Comparative table (PNG) https://www.verificat.cat/themes/user/site/default/asset/img/blog/01-Comparaci%C3%B3-Vacunes-EN-PNG.png