COVIran Barekat

COVIran Barekat is the first vaccine developed in Iran that has been approved. It is about a vaccine of an inactivated virus developed by the pharmaceutical company Shifa Pharmed Industrial CO, which uses a dead version of the virus that causes the disease, unable to infect but able to trigger an immune response.

Preclinical studies of the drug candidate showed "adequate safety and efficacy" results, and invited to develop clinical trials in humans. 

Phase I studies started in late 2020 with a sample of 56 volunteers, and were followed by phase II/III studies on a total of 20,000 people, according to the Iranian clinical trials registry. Official results of these trials have not yet been published, nor is there any statement assessing the efficacy of the injection. 

Immunisation with COVIran Barekat consists of two doses separated by a 28-day period. No information on storage temperature has been published.

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